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Friday Night "True Crimes Tours"

Saturday Night "Parkersburg Ghost Tours"

Friday Night True Crimes Tour: Walk the wicked way with us as we explore the dark corridors of old Parkersburg to shed light on some of the most famous and gruesome crimes in the city's history. Did you know that in 1867 downtown Parkersburg had a serial killer? What about the post-Civil War hanging on Fort Boreman Hill? Did you know one of the condemned men escaped, was caught and hanged later on Staunton Avenue? During the Civil War Parkersburg was said to be "wickedest city on the Ohio River" and Seventh Street was referred to as the "Bloody Quarter," there were so many knife fights and murders. Join us as we carefully track the footsteps of a heinous serial killer while seeing the sites and hearing about other fascinating crimes.

FRIDAY NIGHT TOUR! The scheduled dates for the True Crimes Tours are on: September 27, October 4, 11, 18, 25, ( October 30, True Crimes Tour!) concluding with November 1st. 


(Group True Crime Tours can be booked on other nights than regularly scheduled tours). 

$15 Adults. $12 Seniors & Students. Not suitable for small children. The walk is too long and tiring. The subject matter inappropriate for little ones. 

Saturday Night Haunted Parkersburg Ghost Tour: Follow us as we lead you through the paranormal darkness of downtown Parkersburg and then up into the historical district to listen to and see areas of Parkersburg's most fascinating ghost and paranormal tales! Here chilling accounts of the Weeping Woman statue and her connection to the Stonewall Jackson family. Go with us as we visit the haunted palace, built and owned by West Virginia's first senator, his relationship to Rip Van Winkle and friendship with Edgar Allan Poe. Learn about the Cryptid story from Quincy Hill, a creature that very well may have been the Mothman!  Walk with us as we pass the Witches House, a haunted place where spirits still linger. See the place where we caught the face of an apparition staring at our tours over the fence all the while we told our stories. 

SATURDAY NIGHT TOUR! The scheduled dates for the Haunted Parkersburg Ghost Tours are on September 28, October 5, 12, 19, 26, Halloween Night October 31st, concluding with November 2nd & 3rd  

$12 Adults, $10 Seniors & Students. This tour is not advised for children under 10. Please no strollers.  The walk is very long and part of it is uphill. 


We also have private tours available! (304) 428-7978 

Meet us in the Lobby of the Blennerhassett Hotel before 7:30 p.m. each Friday & Saturday night in the fall. No reservations required! Monies will be collected at the door. Want to spend the night in a haunted hotel? Call the Blennerhassett Hotel to make room reservations at 304-422-3131. 

At Haunted Parkersburg we pride ourselves in offering a ghost tour with real ghostly experiences. You are not likely going to see a ghost on the tours since seeing a ghost is extremely rare (though your camera may very well capture one!) However, the spirits manifest in various ways and they do so often on Haunted Parkersburg. We will show you the major hot spots of hauntings around the city as well as filling you in on some of Parkersburg's spookiest and most unique history. While joining the tours, follow the guides, stay on the sidewalks and let us light your way.  

All tours meet in the lobby of the Blennerhassett Hotel at 4th and Market Streets in downtown Parkersburg, West Virginia. There are no reservations for the Haunted Parkersburg Tours.  Just show up at the hotel and we will take you out on the tours!


You may want to join us early in the ghost tour season to avoid the large Halloween crowds and chilly weather. Bring a flashlight and wear comfortable shoes. We do have trained guides to mark your way. If you have any problems or issues please bring this to the attention of the guides. The tours are not suitable for small children. 

For room reservations at the Blennerhassett Hotel please call (304) 422-3131.  Questions? Email us at

or call  (304) 428-7978. 

Haunted Parkersburg Ghost Tours

September 27th -November 2nd 2019

Blennerhassett Hotel, Parkersburg

Meet after 7 p.m. Friday & Saturday Nights

No reservations required!

Call 304 428 7978

Or call the Blennerhassett Hotel

304 422 3131

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