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Meet the Tour Team!

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Supernatural expert and West Virginia native Adra Johnson is a professional paranormal investigator, local history buff and highly experienced guide (previously leading ghost tours in Australia.) She is the founder of M45 Paranormal in addition to leading the Haunted Blennerhassett Hotel Tours year round. Adra is a prolific paranormalist, lending her talents to events on Blennerhassett Island and speaking at conventions worldwide. She is also the founder and operator of Parkersburg ParaCon!

Ashley Fluharty is local lover of all things supernatural. She experienced her first Haunted Parkersburg Tour while in elementary school and fell in love with the lore and paranormal elements of the city. Ashley memorized stories from the tour as a child and is excited to honor Susan by sharing her stories with others. Ashley is also a cosmetologist, performer at the Actors Guild and The Company at the Valley Gem, Twitch streamer, and founder of Live Your Dream Princess Events.

Scarlet Sheppard, daughter of founder Susan, is honored to help continue her mother's legacy as the new proprietor and creative director of Haunted Parkersburg. Scarlet walked the first tour at age five and has never missed a season. She now lives in Los Angeles, working as an actor and producer, and fulfills her tour owner duties (including online ticketing and marketing) from LA. Scarlet is committed to preserving Haunted Parkersburg as both a beloved local tradition and international draw.

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